Deva, worships Bahamut, has "sword" on resume


One of the artifacts rescued from Castle Rivenroar was a platinum longsword. When Sarl picked up the sword, he found it was strangely drawn to him. Upon returning to Brindol, the party returned the sword to Sartanian, who determined that the presence of a paladin of Bahamut has awakened some dormant magic. Sartanian asked that Sarl carry the sword for now.

In Bison’s Bluff, when the party first encountered the Fated Five, Sarl found that the sword was also drawn to XXXXXX, an avenger of Bahamut. He also attempted to name the sword around that time, but heard the name “Amyria” appear in his head instead, which he though was “girly name for sword”.

After returning to Overlook from Umbraforge, the Heroes of Brindol received a message from Sartanian, delivered by Alys asking them to return to Brindol. Sartanian was able to perform a ritual that release the sword’s “voice”, which introduced itself as Amyria. The sword claimed that a ritual was going to occur at Fortress Greystone, which would transform Fangren into an exarch of Yeenoghu. The HoB made way to the Fortress and stopped the ritual by slaying Fangren and his minions, then closing the portal. The party was then able to perform their own ritual, channeling the ambient energy from Fangren’s efforts. The sword crumbled and a female deva, Amyria, appeared.

Amyria mentioned she had urgent business in Overlook and asked the heroes to escort her directly there.


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