The Timeline

The Calendar of Corvos

0 AS – The Shattering. The war between the Arkhosian Triumverate and the Empire of Bael-Turath reaches an apocalyptic peak. The tiefling and dragonborn nations are shattered, and refugees of all races come to settle the Elsir Vale.
100 AS – The wall at Bodrin’s Watch is completed to defend against orcs and other monstrous races. It also holds back further refugees from entering the Vale without crossing the treacherous Stonehome Mountains
533 AS – Birth of Tour
538 AS – Birth of Wyreth Longwind (in the Feywild settlement of Longwynd’s Rest)
542 AS – Birth of Talinn Mirin
550 AS – Longwind estate destroyed by explosion – perpetrators unknown. Wyreth was dragged to safety by his tutor Gnobley. At the time no other Longwind survivors were known.
563 AS – War of the Red Hand begins, birth of Sarl
564 AS – Birth of Anavar. Tour and Gilgathorn witness their tribe mostly exterminated by Brindol guardsmen. It was later dis that these were actually agents of a sect of Tiamat, attempting to sew chaos and create emnity between the races.
569 AS – War of the Red Hand ends
584 AS, Fevrion 18 – Sarshan leads a force attacking and destroying the Seven Bells. Anavar is the only survivor, with instructions to carry a book to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.

Rescue at Rivenroar

Fevrion 25Sinruth assaults the town of Brindol. The Antler and Thistle burned, despite best efforts of the Heroes of Brindol.
Fevrion 28 – Heroes of Brindol are hired by Eeofram Troyas to rescue hostages and recover town historical relics from Castle Rivenroar. They set out that morning.
Marsent 1 – Heroes of Brindol arrive at Castle Rivenroar. They begin rescuing hostages and lead them to an underground safe hole near a mushroom chamber.
Marsent 2 – Heroes of Brindol rescue all remaining hostages and camp outside of Castle Rivenroar. Sarl discovers a strange sword which seems to be drawn to him.
Marsent 3 – Thurann, an adolescent hostage, in grief over his fathers death, runs away from the Heroes. They track him to where he was captured by the remains of Sinruth’s forces. A battle ensues and the Heroes of Brindol defeat the remaining hobgoblins.
Marsent 4 – Heroes of Brindol and hostages arrive back in Brindol.

The Road Goes Ever, Ever On
Marsent 5 – Parade thrown in honor of hostages and Heroes of Brindol. During the parade, the party is attacked and the sword stolen from Sarl. Attacker includes an archer who uses the same construction of arrows used by Tour. Party tracks the thieves, kobolds, into the sewers, where they recover the sword from two wyrmling red dragons. Kobolds come from a keep they’ve taken over near Dunleavy to the west. The Heroes also start hearing rumors of war and a call for aid from the city of Overlook – orcish hordes are threatening the city and, if unchecked, would ravage the Elsir Vale.
Marsent 8 – Party arrives at Dunleavy, a town in dire straights, and from there sets off for the keep – Kobold Hell. After a pitched battle, the Heroes defeat the kobolds and rescue several skilled craftsmen and craftswomen enslaved by the kobolds. These include a fletcher from Tour’s old tribe, and a bookbinder who recognized Wyreth as looking just like his father, whom he saw just a few months ago.
Marsent 10 – Party attacked by a black shadow dragon who seems to be specifically targeting Longwind. Party also attacked later that day at Ambush Point by Eluron Bladewhisper. They learned of Sven and his desire to capture the book Anavar was carrying.
Marsent 11 – The Heroes first arrive in Overlook.

Siege at Bodrin’s Watch

Marsent 13 – The Heroes are attacked in their dreams by a maw of living darkness. Upon awakening, Wyreth Longwind discovers an orb with an inscription that seems to come from his father. The Heroes and several other adventuring companies meet with the Council of Overlook. A job of particular, but secret, importance, is assigned to a group known as the Farstriders. The Heroes of Brindol are given the task of re-establishing contact with the Monastery of the Sundered Chain (where Anavar wanted to go in the first place.)
Marsent 15 – The Heroes arrive at the Monastery, to discover that it has been ravaged by orcs. Fighting their way through the orcs, the heroes rescue Kalad, a paladin of Moradin. Kalad reveals that the orcs came from tunnels underneath the Monastery, from a convergence of tunnels known as the Nexus. If the Nexus isn’t sealed, orcs could bypass the defenses of Bodrin’s Watch at Overlook, and attack the city and Elsir Vale unchecked.
Marsent 16 – The Heroes battle their way through to the Nexus. On their way, Tour discovers a strange key from a dark creeper they defeated. Tour pockets the key for now, with more important events at hand. Once in the Nexus, a massive chamber surrounding a huge set of steam pipes and a console at the center well above the ground, orcs come streaming in to the Nexus. While the rest of the Heroes work to hold off the orcs, Anavar uses a rope and hook to swing his way to the console and begin working on activating it. The Heroes fight their way through, Tour trips the last lever to activate the console and boiling water begins filling the chamber. The Heroes escape the orcish army and close the chamber, leaving them to drown in the boiling death trap. They find the bodies of the Farstriders outside the Nexus.

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge
Newdawning 3 – After several unexciting days in Overlook, several of the Heroes receive notes advising them of a job opportunity. The Heroes are suspicious of these notes, as they reference personal information that most wouldn’t know about, such as Wyreth’s father. They investigate the allyway where the notes say to meet next morning, but don’t find anything out of the ordinary…yet.
Newdawning 4 – The Heroes appear at the allyway with great suspicion. Tour, in fact, sneaks ahead and hides under a wagon. The Heroes are, predictably, ambushed, but make short work of their foes. They learn two distressing facts in this encounter – first, that Sven accompanied the ambushers (all disguised as guards) and secondly, that they were hired by someone named Modra. They also met a half-elven woman named Reniss, who is seeking revenge for her sisters death at the Nexus.

Newdawning 5 – Heroes rest in the Shadowfell, attack Modra, face Sarshan for first time.

The End of Sven
Newdawning 7 – Heroes hired by Bram Ironfell to track down Sven, attacked by more aberrants.
Aprintus 1 – Heroes attack the gem mines and travel to Bison’s Bluff, meeting the Fated Five.
Aprintus 2 – Heroes fend off attackers from Bison’s Bluff.
Aprintus 3 – Heroes apprehend Sven and take him via portal to Overlook.

Den of the Destroyer
Aprintus 4“Sarge” Talinn Mirin learns of Alys’s abduction. The Heroes track her down and rescue her. She requests they return to Brindol. The party meets Gilgathorn.
Aprintus 6 – Heroes arrive in Brindol without incident.
Aprintus 7 – Heroes learn more of the nature of the sword Amyria and travel to Fortress Greystone.
Aprintus 8 – Heroes first enter Fortress Greystone, defeat several gnolls and other monsters, as well as Gilgathorn, and meet Borlin. Party releases Gilgathorn.
Aprintus 9 – Heroes disrupt a ritual attempting to turn Fangren into an exarch of Yeeoghnu, and transfer the energy into freeing Amyria.

The Temple Between
Aprintus 12 – The Heroes arrive in Overlook without incident.

The Timeline

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