Banned Content

House Rules

Banned content can comprise races, classes, powers, feats and items.

Content which is setting specific to a published campaign (i.e. Eberron, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms) cannot be used. For example, dragonmarks, thri-kreen or Righteous Rage of Tempus are all banned.

Content which prevents the characters from being surprised cannot be selected.

Content can never allow players to switch items within an action.

The following specific content items are specifically banned:
Strategist’s Epiphany (skill power)

The following specific content is altered as noted.
Orb of Nimble Thoughts: If the wielder uses the initiative bonus, s/he may not drop or sheathe the item, nor may his or her allies remove it from him or her, until the end of the encounter.
Champion of Order: Change Certain Justice from “until no longer marked” to “until end of your next turn.”

Banned Content

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