Impersonated town guards to try to knock of the HoB and weaken Overlook


The Heroes of Brindol first discovered of Sven’s existence while traveling from Suffrence to Overlook for the first time. While on the road, they passed by Ambush Point and were attacked by a group of mercenaries led by Eluran Bladewhisper. The battle came to a standstill with both Sarl and Bladewhisper incapacitated, and one of Bladewhisper’s crew threatening to kill Sarl unless the HoB agreed to parlay. Grudgingly the HoB agreed.

Bladewhisper informed the party that they were hired by a young, attractive guard captain who identified himself only as Sven. They were told that the party had stolen a volume vital to Overlook’s future security, and were to be slain and the volume retrieved. Bladewhisper came to realize, as they parlayed, that she had also been duped by Sven. Wyreth Longwind created an arcane illusion of Sven, adjusting the details to match Sven’s appearance.

Later, after the party returned to Overlook from the Nexus, the party received a number of notes from an anonymous party wishing to hire them. The notes had a great deal of personal information on each character, which raised the group’s suspicion. They decided to try to ambush the so-called patron at the meeting point. True to form, a group of disguised town guardsman came and tried to kill the party at the meeting point. Wyreth blocked off one of them from entering the fray with Stinking Cloud. It turned out that Sven took this as an opportunity to escape the heroes’ clutches.



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