Drow Warlock of the Fey Pact


Borlin first met the Heroes of Brindol at Fortress Greystone. Borlin had been advised by his Fey Lords that a force of gnolls was attempting to make their leader, Fangren, an exarch of Yeeoghnu. This increase in Yeeoghnu’s power in the region was unacceptable to the Fey Lords, so Borlin was sent with a team to investigate.

Borlin’s team met a force of gnolls holding prisoners from the Elsir Vale. The two sides fought viciously and to the death, with most combatants being cut down. Borlin fled combat only to run into a battle between Gilgathorn and the HoB. Deciding to join forces with the Heroes, Borlin and the group defeated Thorn and took him prisoner. Then, after releasing Thorn, Borlin assisted the Heroes in defeating Fangren and closing the portal. Borlin quietly took his leave of the group while they performed the ritual to release Amyria.

Out of game note – Borlin originally appeared as a guest PC.


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