Sarge's niece, messenger for Councilman Troyas and other Brindol residents


Details: First seen at the Antler and Thistle Inn – was instrumental in guiding some of the non-combatants to safely, although sadly her boyfriend Karas perished in the fire. She then became a Messenger working for Councilman Troyas.

During one of her expeditions as a messenger, she witnessed the end of a battle between the Fated Five and a group of unseen assailants. She met and camped with the group, and heard the phrase “The Scion of Longwind” during the battle. Knowing that a Longwind traveled with her Uncle Talinn, she kept this information to herself.

Later she was sent to Overlook by Sertanian from Brindol. She carried a message requesting the PCs to return to Brindol to deal with a matter related to one of the relics recovered from Rivenroar. She was kidnapped by the Bruno of the Lost Ones before delivering the message, but was rescued by the Heroes of Brindol. While returning to Brindol with the Heroes, she confessed her encoutner with the Fated Five to Sarge and Wyreth.

Appearance: Young human female

Mannerisms: She is strong capable, and has run into trouble more than once in her career.


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